David Andrews: I wanted to come back to right the ship


Center David Andrews spent some time exploring offers from other teams as a free agent before ultimately settling on a return to the Patriots on a four-year deal.

Andrews is one of a handful of Patriot players to re-sign with the team and those players have memories of brighter days in New England than the 7-9 year they went through in 2020. In a video on the Patriots website, Andrews said that he’s back because he wants to put the team back on its former track and he believes their work in free agency will help that process.

“It’s definitely the start of turning this thing around,” Andrews said. “Part of the reason why I wanted to come back is to right this ship and get it to where we need to be going. It’s all kind of said and done if we don’t really put the work in and go back there and get this thing rolling, build on it and just become the best team we can be.”

The returning players and free agents will be joined by a slew of rookies next month and then the Patriots’ work to return to the playoffs can begin in earnest.